EL-Sayed Said Mohamed Mohamed

Dwonload CV

Education :

  • Faculty of Agricultural ,Azhar University
  • MSC of Soil Science (Optimum Land use Planning for Some Newly Reclaimed Soils West of Suez canal, Using Remote Sensing Techniques )Soil sciences department ,Zagazig  University
  • PhD of  Soil Science (Assessment of Land Degradation East Nile Delta Using Remote Sensing) Moscow State University –Lomonosiv

Work Experience :

17 years of research/consultancy experience in  field agricultural projects and Precision Farming based on  project management professional (PMP).  and GIS , Remote Sensing in the development of practical and innovative geo-spatial solutions: mapping land and water resources; land use planning; sustainable agricultural.

  • Assistant Research of soil sciences ,NARSS
  • PhD Student  , Moscow state University-Russia
  • Researcher  in soil science department , NARSS
  • Associate professor of soil sciences, NARSS.


Publications :

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