Dr.Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, minister of higher education and scientific research, chaired the meeting of the board of directors of the national authority for remote sensing and space science, in the presence of Dr.Yasser Rifaat, deputy minister for scientific research affairs, and Dr.Mohamed Bayoumi Zahran, chairman of the commission, and members of the council.

during the meeting, the minister witnessed the signing of three cooperation protocols in the field of smart agriculture and modern agriculture, where he witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the authority and the institute of agricultural resources and regional planning of the people's republic of China, in the presence of Liao Lixiang, ambassador of China in cairo.

the minister stressed the depth of relations between Egypt and China, especially in the fields of higher education and scientific research, pointing to the long history of cooperation between the two countries, especially during the recent period, which witnessed bilateral cooperation to face the corona pandemic, stressing the importance of this agreement and the support it represents for the strategic partnership between the two countries in the field of smart agriculture.

Dr.Abdul Ghaffar pointed out Egypt's keenness to strengthen international relations in the field of scientific research and innovation, especially with Asian countries, because of the importance of this in reaching intelligent scientific solutions to the problems of society, praising the agreement that comes on the 65th anniversary of Egyptian-Chinese relations, stressing Egypt's constant aspiration to deepen friendly relations with China and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.

for his part, Prof. Lechiang thanked the minister for the efforts made to complete this step, pointing out the importance of Egypt as a strategic partner for China in many fields including (remote and space sensing sciences, life sciences and earth), as well as the partnership between the two countries in the initiative "belt of the road", pointing to the prospects opened by this agreement to cooperate in smart agriculture and desertification research, and the cultivation of salinity-resistant crops.

under the agreement, an Egyptian-Chinese laboratory for cooperation in smart agriculture will be established, the second laboratory after the Egyptian-Chinese renewable energy laboratory, which has been signed as part of the "road belt" program, as well as cooperation in joint research projects, scientific workshops and conferences, and exchange of visits to professors, lecturers and students.

Dr.Abdul Ghaffar also witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the authority and the university of Putra-Malaysia   of Malaysia  , in the presence of Dr.mohammed bin ruslan, president of the university via video conferencing technology.

the minister praised the agreement, which also includes cooperation between Egypt and Malaysia   in the field of smart agriculture and modern agriculture and exchange of experiences in the fields of training and national projects, especially with the university of Putra of Malaysia  , which is one of the most important educational institutions in Malaysia  .

for his part, Dr.Ben Ruslan, president of the university, welcomed this agreement, which promotes scientific and research cooperation with Egypt, praising the good relations between the two countries, especially in the fields of higher education and scientific research.


during the meeting, the minister also witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the authority and the Egyptian asset and investment management company in the presence of engineer Ahmed Amer, president of the company.

the memorandum of understanding provides for cooperation in monitoring infringements on the territory of the state and determining the chronology of encroachment, urban planning, through the exchange of experiences, research, applied studies, the establishment of joint research and investment projects in the fields of remote sensing, satellites, tourism lifting, technical and technical support in various fields of work of the two sides, participation in survey work, holding joint training courses, organizing seminars, scientific conferences, workshops and exchange of professors and researchers on both sides.

during the meeting, the council discussed the new executive regulations of the authority, and reviewed the latest developments in the work at the new headquarters of the authority, where Dr.Zahran thanked the minister for his support for the project of establishing the new headquarters, as well as reviewed the efforts of the authority in training, scientific relations, building scientific cadres and institutional development during the past period.

the board was informed of the graduation of the second batch of vocational diplomas, the renewal of the validity of the ISO certificate, the opening of the authority's entrepreneurship club and the opening of the virtual reality academy.

the meeting was attended by Dr. Walid Al-zawawi, secretary of the council of centers, institutes and research bodies, and Dr. Islam Abu Al-magd, minister's advisor for African affairs and vice president of the authority, Dr. Mohammed Hashem, president of the national research center, Dr. Shirin Abdelkader, acting president of the electronics research institute.


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