Minister of higher education receives report on agreement and partnership for remote sensing and space science center of scientific and technological excellence of the national war production authority

Dr.Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, minister of higher education and scientific research, received a report from Dr. Mohammed Zahran, chairman of the national authority for remote sensing and space science, on the conclusion of an agreement and partnership for remote sensing and space science and the center for scientific and technological excellence of the national authority for war production

the report explained that the two sides were contracted to implement the use of each other's expertise and capabilities in implementing some projects and providing consultations and technical and economic feasibility studies that are located in the field of work and expertise of each other.

it is worth mentioning that the areas of work have been agreed upon through the following work:

production of a digital geographical database of land maps.

2- inventory and map of land resources and elements of the natural environment.

3- inventory and identify the available natural resources and natural hazards while preserving the environment.

4- establishing and operating digital cartograph models to produce and identify favorite areas different developments, whether urban, agricultural, tourism or industrial.

groundwater studies to identify reservoirs and their groundwater potential.

 land use studies for sustainable development.

 soil assessment and agricultural reclamation studies.

 study and assess land degradation in all its forms and forms and assess the environmental sensitivity of desertification.

9- production of high-resolution digital height models.

10- planning studies to determine the best locations for urban extension.

 assessing pollution levels in water and surfaces and identifying the most influential sources and activities.

 monitoring and tracking pollutants of all kinds.

13- monitoring infringements, monitoring changes on the territory and scrutinizing the work that has been carried out and is being carried out by hand-holding technicians anywhere at the level of the republic.

14- carrying out survey work that will produce the baseline map for any province.

 create a digital platform to display all layers extracted from remote sensing data.

 monitoring, monitoring and mapping of different ecosystems.

17. development of a geographical biodiversity information system in various provincial centres.

 supporting GIS units and remote sensing applications in investment studies.

 design and production of a water well control and control system to rationalize groundwater consumption.

applying smart systems in the management of water and land resources.

21. provide technical support for the conversion of some water pumping wells to work using solar energy to save energy and use the renewable energy available in the province.

22- The development of existing agriculture and irrigation systems using modern controls based on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and modern communication systems in an agricultural sample to increase production efficiency and reduce water consumption.

23- cooperation between the two parties to develop a model research farm that will be a NOAH for the development and transfer of smart agriculture technology in Egypt, which contributes to the improvement and development of the Egyptian agriculture sector and achieves self-sufficiency of agricultural products.

24- preparing a plan for the development of current field irrigation systems and preparing scenarios for optimal agricultural systems.

25- producing an investment map of aquaculture using remote sensing technology and GIS.

26- develop a satellite-enabled survey map of quarries and their distance and follow-up the extraction of the amount of sand in them to safe rates in order to preserve natural resources.

develop a high-quality digital system to create and operate smart farms with digital transformation technology.

 monitoring environmental factors associated with the spread of public health pests "vectors of diseases"

29- scientific marketing of laboratories belonging to the center for scientific and technological excellence inside and outside the research and scientific bodies and centers in the interests of both parties and maximizes the outputs of scientific and technological research.

30. develop a system for the construction and development of digital information infrastructure plants and decision-making support in order to build a digital information system to monitor and control remotely the rate and quantities of water flowing from wells - water and agricultural drainage systems, and to achieve the process of reading and processing discharge rates in a digital system and maintaining water wealth.



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