Evaluation of Irrigation Water and Soil Quality for Optimum Agricultural Use Planning Using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques, Case Study West West El-Minya .

The most important results of the study:

  • Increasing the rate of reclamation land and the built-up area with a decreasing in bare land.
  • The water quality of west west El-Minya area is a variety from low to high quality for agriculture purposes.
  • Sodium chloride is the major salt in all wells in the study area.
  • In general, water samples of west west El-Minya have the order of high, medium to moderate salinity and low to medium Sodicity hazards.
  • The study shows that soil quality in west west El-Minya ranges from low to high quality for agriculture.

The study recommended:

  • More than 90% of the study area is valid for reclamation and execution of development plans.
  • Increased attention to social and economic sides of the build of hospitals, schools and new ways.
  • Increased farmers' awareness about the importance of sustainable agricultural management methods.
  • Remote sensing techniques and GIS are very important to dissection makers as help them to take right and appropriate dissection.


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