Geological Applications and Mineral Resources

Applications of Physical Geology:


The department aims at applying and developing state of the art new remote sensing technology together with geophysical and geochemical methods for:


  • Assessment of natural hazards, such as flash flooding, sand dunes encroachment, landslides, earthquakes, etc...,
  • Site selection and evaluation for the establishment of major settlements such as new cities, roads, airports, agricultural or touristic complexes, etc.
  • Exploring for new locations for groundwater explorations
  • Conducting geological, geophysical, geomorphological, hydrogeological and geotechnical studies upon request by governmental agencies or private businesses
  • Conducting hydrogeological modeling and water balance studies of drainage basins
  • Participating in determining the most suitable dam sites.


Mineral Resources Department:


The department aims at applying and developing the most up to date RS and GIS techniques for the development and exploration of mineral resources. Research areas include:

  • Conducting geological and geochemical exploration for metallic ore such as Iron, Lead and Zinc, Cupper, Gold, and also non-metallic ores (Gypsum, Phosphate, Carbonates, building material)
  • Provide information for mineral exploration


Rocks and Geological Mapping department

  • Updating the current classifications scheme of rocks in the Egyptian deserts on digital maps
  • Development of a spectral library that includes the spectral footprint of rocks
  • Production of detailed Geological and Geotechnical maps