Dealers Charter

General Strategy of NARSS
 National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences provides high quality development and application services for remote sensing and space science technologies, while adhering to the set deadlines, increasing the volume of sales to existing customers, converting non-users of the Authority to clients and achieving a return on investments in the medium and long term. The authority provides the necessary support to researchers and decision makers in the various development sectors to explore and manage land resources and enable them to achieve their production goals in terms of quality and timeliness. The authority also conducts and supports research and development activities to ensure that Egypt keeps pace with global development in the fields of remote sensing and space sciences.
Goal One: Facing Challenges
Facing societal challenges and problems by applying remote sensing technology at the local, regional and international levels.
Goal Two: Sustainability
Spreading remote sensing awareness and culture, cooperating with allies from universities and research centers, applying and localizing remote sensing technology and space sciences in the Egyptian society.
Goal Three: continuous development and improvement
Develop a plan and a future vision for development, keeping pace with the latest technologies in the field of remote sensing and space science.
Goal Four: customer satisfaction
By quickly responding to customer requests and working to develop the services provided.
 Within the framework of the authority’s endeavor towards global leadership in its various training, research and technical activities, and based on the importance of its role and mission in promoting this endeavor through many aspects, the most important of which are:
Patriotism - Respect - Excellence - Teamwork - Responsibility - Commitment - Exemplary / Pioneering.