NARSS Chairman




NARSS has become a distinguished place among research centers, as it is one of the pillars of decision-making support in the Arab Republic of Egypt, due to its fundamental role in knowledge exchange and providing the latest technologies in the fields of remote sensing and space applications, building human capacities and cooperation with various institutions to serve the plans of development objectives in the areas of NARSS's specialization. NARSS conducts and supports research and development activities to keep Egypt with the global trends in the fields of remote sensing and space sciences  related to sustainable development plans, preparing scientific and technical staff in the disciplines needed by the projects and plans of NARSS while providing the material capabilities necessary for the development of scientific research, moving to dynamic applications, monitoring and early warning systems and activating its role in supporting decision-making, increasing coordination and coherence with institutes, benefiting from emerging trends in the fields of informatics and space technology to encourage multidisciplinary applications. These multidisciplinary applications also strengthen the link with economic and social development issues (agriculture - industry - housing...) to maximize the economic return of the outputs and services of scientific research, that they implement or provide to others, which have a great economic return in Egyptian society.