Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of weather should I expect at NARSS?

For temperature and rainfall, see  Current and Monthly weather .  

 2. I am planning a visit to NARSS. Do I need to let you know that I’m coming?

If you would like to take a guided tour.  Kindly send letter to NARSS Chairman 4 weeks before the visit.  

 3. Do you have any resources available to visitors who speak languages other than English?

Tours are conducted in both Arabic and English language.

4. What is the main postal address for NARSS?

NARSS’s main mailing address is:  23, Josef Tito St., Nozha El-Gedida, Cairo, Egypt. P. O. Box: 1564 Alf-Maskan

If you are interested in a specific department or individual. See Contact us section to find the specific department or individual  you need. 


5. What address can I use to find directions to NARSS via an internet search engine?

When using an internet search engine (such as Google Maps ) to obtain directions enter “National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences”.

See Location  on NARSS Home page for directions.

6. I’m coming to campus straight from the airport. Is there a place to store my bags?

The internet services such as booking offer cheaper rates and nearest hotels for accommodation.

7. Where can I access the Internet while I am visiting NARSS?

Wireless access points are available at NARSS.