Work Package 5

Dissemination of outputs and communication to stakeholders

Leader: Prof. Dr. Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad Organization: NARSS Country: Egypt



1-To devise communication pathways and dissemination materials.
2-To share project results with the stakeholder platforms and end-user farming community, via awareness creation and publications.
3-To hold info workshops and online tools for decision making support by hierarchy of stakeholders (farmers, extension services and policy makers).
4- A decision support tool will be developed to synthesize the innovative tools
Description of work
WP 5 will coordinate the communication of the project outputs from the work packages 1-4. Our aims are:
(i) to produce tailor-made dissemination tools to facilitate knowledge exchange, based on the scientific and practical agronomic knowledge generated in the project and the needs of the various stakeholder groups and
(ii) to ensure the efficient delivery of disseminated information to the land-users, policy-makers, administration, extension services, and higher education institutions that can influence the adoption of soil, water and nutrient conserving practices in Europe and N. Africa.