Work Package1

Network of production systems and stakeholder platforms in Europe and North Africa

Leader: Dr. Marco Lauteri  Organization: The National Research Council (CNR) 
Email: Country: Italy
1. Description of a network of production systems and catchments,
2. Formation of local stakeholder platforms associated with each study site,
3. Development of a working protocol for stakeholder involvement.

Work Package 2

Assessment of water and nutrient use efficiency from field to catchment scale

Leader: Prof. Dr. Niels P.R. Anten Organization: Wageningen University (WU) 
Email: Country: Netherlands
1.Develop and validate a crop model approach for our network of production systems,
2.Determine water and nutrient use efficiencies, gaps therein and leakages of the production systems,
3.Develop and validate a hybrid model approach that links field to catchment scale.

Work Package 3

Development of indicators for productivity, environmental and economic performance

Leader: Dr. Makram Anane Organization: The Centre for Water Research and Technologies (CERTE) 
Email: Country: Tunisia

1. Development of a comprehensive list of productivity, environmental and economic indicators,
2. Identification of SMART indicators for the assessment of the network of production systems perfermence,
3. Mapping of the production systems efficiencies at catchment scale based on WaterFARMING indicators.

Work Package 4

Design of innovative water and nutrient efficient production systems

Leader: Dr. Seifeddine Jomaa Organization: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) 
Email: Country: Germany
1.Simulation of management measures by application of field-to-catchment scale indicators developed in WP3 and use of the map developed in WP2,
2.Analysis and short listing of different measures, in consultation with the stakeholder platforms,
3.Carry out on-farm trials for improvement water, nutrient and soil conserving in the network of production systems,
4.Assessment of on-farm trials with the stakeholder platforms for gaps and improvements.