Exploitation & communication activities

This website will provide basic information about the project, with regular updates of events and deliverables (WP5).Articles will be released to the media during and after the project as well as short videos to present the best practices from the network of production systems and catchments.
Targeted technical bulletins, project leaflet and other dissemination materials will be produced in co-operation with other existing European initiatives (EIPs). Dedicated policy briefs in local languages will ensure effective dissemination of the project results to policymakers. The decision support tool developed (WP5) will be supported by on-line guides including video instructions for dissemination of the project results beyond its life time.
The results generated will be disseminated to the scientific community as manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals of high standing, international conferences, and common seminars in collaboration with other EU projects. Project will devise stakeholder-oriented communication pathways by providing information in a format that is easily accessible and understandable by the targeted stakeholders, with clear line-of-sight to meeting different expected call impacts.