Dr. Bhim Bahadur Ghaley

Bhim Bahadur Ghaley has a background in molecular plant breeding and agronomy .

Dr. Seifeddine Jomaa

Dr. Jomaa is currently a research scientist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) since March 2012.

Prof. Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad

Prof. Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad was graduated at State University of Ghent, Belgium, PhD in Soil Sciences, Using Remote Sensing Techniques, October 1988.

Marco Lauteri

Marco Lauteri is senior researcher at IBAF in plant physiology and ecology.

Prof. Dr. Niels P.R. Anten

Niels is a professor of Crop and Weed Ecology at Wageningen University.

Dr. Cristina Máguas Hanson

My research is focused on: i) the functioning of Mediterranean and Tropical vegetation, through ecophysiological approaches, in particular, carbon and water fluxes from leaf to ecosystem levels.

Dr. Makram Anane

Makram Anane received his PhD from Lérida University, Spain, in 2004, on crops growth monitoring using remote sensing data.