This is a contracted project between NARSS and AUC “GMES & Africa Program.

July 01, 2018

NAfCoast project is aiming at developing coastal and marine services from earth observation data and other in-situ measurements and thematic maps to be an enabler for socio-economic development. The project has a partnership between 4 countries in North Africa region including Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania. The project will cover the whole area of study of North Africa when possible and availability of data. However, the project officially stared in 6th August 2018, and anticipated to end up by 31st December 2020. The project will provide robust model for marine products and services. Products include, sea surface temperate, chl-a distribution and concentration , waves and wind speed and directions. Services include, oil pollution monitoring and potential fishing zones. To implement these products and services, tremendous research work is under processing such as using radar sensors (e.g. Sentinel 1) to monitor oil pollution. Microwave beam from radar is powerful to form a two-dimensional image of the backscattered wave. Working within the microwave range, the image is not affected by clouds and different weather conditions. More importantly, it works day and night, which gives the chance not to miss recording oil spills occurring at night. Moreover, it provides a wide range at low cost compared to airborne surveillance.

Division : Environmental Studies and Land use
Prof       : Prof. Dr. Islam Abou El-Magd