July 01, 2018

Main objective of the present study was as assessment of environment quality in Port Said on two scales; the regional scale and the local (city) scale using RS, GIS and sustainability indicators (SDG 11). SDG 11 entitled “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” is the main scope to be achieved in the present study. The regional environment is a basic part for human subsistence and a basis for sustainable development. Port Said governorate is one of the Northern coastal Nile Delta Governorates which has a great significance in regard of activities and resources. Mediterranean Sea, Manzala Lagoon, Ashtoom El-Gamal Natural protectorate and Suez Canal are some examples of the environmental features of the governorate. Industrial, commercial and recreational activities are extensively practiced in different regions particularly in the coastal areas. These activities along with the uncontrolled human interventions have impacted the available resources in the governorate. To assess environmental characteristics and the inducing factors in the whole governorate, RS and GIS integrated with a limited field survey to the available sites and sustainability indictors are utilized in the present study to get a comprehensive overview on status of the environment and mitigation measures in the whole governorate.

Division : Environmental Studies and Land use
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Hala Mohamed Adel Effat