July 01, 2018

El-Fayoum Governorate has a unique nature that encompasses arable lands, lakes, natural protectorate, human settlements and desert. Being a focus for development by the Egyptian Governorate, the region was selected for the current study. The project is categorized into two parallel sections; environmental vulnerability and sustainability for El-Fayoum Governorate, based on a regional multi-temporal spatial analysis, remotely sensed data, geographic information system and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) integrated with sampling studies and Lab analyses. Vulnerability included the assessment of air, soil, water and sediment quality characteristics as well as the spatiotemporal environmental changes in the governorate. Likewise, area under environmental risk of mosquito transmitted diseases was assessed. Sustainability was represented through identifying the most suitable regions for solar and wind energy as well as the urban development studies were highlighted. Further, demographic studies were spatially evaluated and mapped.

Division : Environmental Studies and Land use
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Hala Mohamed Adel Effat