This was a joint project between NARSS and Port Said Governorate to evaluate the current situation of the Seabed area, East of Lake Manzala and the Southern West of Port Said.

July 01, 2018

Port Said governorate is implementing the State plan for sustainable development 2030, which requires the implementation of scientific methods and modern technologies and accurate measurements to achieve the goals of sustainable development. In this context, a cooperation protocol and an executive contract have been signed between Port Said Governorate and the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences. According to the contract, the governorate has commissioned the Authority to prepare scientific studies and studies in Lake Manzala, using modern remote sensing techniques and geographic information systems in integration with terrestrial data.

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the current situation of the Qar Elbahr area- east of Lake Manzala and the southwest of Port Said city and to evaluate the environmental and biological status of the water, sediments and fisheries of the region, in order to make proposals for the exploitation of these areas and develop them to achieve sustainable development in the province based on the data of modern satellite images of various types and studies Field and laboratory analysis, mapping and geographic features and spatial analysis.

Division : Agriculture Applications, Soils, and Marine
Prof       : Dr. Sameh Bakr EL Sayed EL Kafrawy