July 01, 2018

This project aims to produce an atlas for the flash floods of the wadis in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, which affect the coastal areas of the Red Sea.  This research is motivated by the increasing re-occurring of severe flash floods during the past few years that affected several urban areas and utilities in the Nile Valley and the Red Sea regions. The satellite images of Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 acquired shortly before and after the flash flood events are processed to map the active contributing channels, the interfering urban, the response of natural depressions and storage areas and conveying channels to the flash floods.

This project investigated the flash floods-vulnerability of anthropogenic activities and infra-structures located along the Red Sea coast. The integration of hydrogeological, geophysical and geomorphological analyses for the drainage basins hosting these different activities endeavor to provide the optimum mitigation measures that can be feasibly adopted in order to achieve sustainability of the developments and the available water and land resources.

Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Dr. Mohammed El Bastawesy