This is a joint project between NARSS and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.

July 01, 2018

The aim of this project is to determine the necessary mitigation works for the Transect Road - 4 from its intersection with the national coastal road, occurring to the south of Al-Horrifat Road (near Al-Jefjafah Village and Al-Malaiz military airport), with a length of 70 km, where a double way highway with a length of 70 km and a width of 12.5 meters for each direction (3 lane + Internal and external paved pavement as well as a central island of variable width. This road is divided into two parts, a northern part with a length of 37 km with a double track, and a southern part with a length of 68 km with one track. In this report, previous work on geology and climate has been compiled from some previous studies, JICA reports 1992, in addition to conducting studies on floods with a special part of groundwater conditions as an important source that can be used in planting a tree belt for the permanent fixation of sand dunes in parallel with other known methods followed globally, In this regard.

Division : Engineering Applications and Water Resources
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Hossam Hamdy Elewa Omar