Production of Photomaps and a Complete Mosaic of the Eastern Desert, the Valley and the Nile Delta Using Spot 4 Satellite Data.

December 31, 2002

The aim of this work is to produce all the photomap quadrants (scale 1:250,000) for the Eastern Desert, the Valley and the Nile Delta of Egypt Using Spot 4 Satellite Data and to provide its complete digital mosaic. The project area is delimited geographically by latitudes 22º 00` N and 32º 00` N and longitudes 30º 00` E and 37º 00` E, approximately (excluding Sinai peninsula). The area is covered by thirty topographic sheets, according to the Egyptian standard 1:250,000 scale maps. Also the project area is covered approximately by 175 Spot4 satellite scenes. This work will help decision-makers and development planners to use these maps in different potential fields, such as: geology, water resources, land use mapping, environment,.…etc. The eastern desert area has now been declared by the Egyptian Government a priority development area for both mineral industry and tourism.

NARSS Project Members

  • Mahmoud H. Ahmed
  • Ashraf Khaled Helmy
  • Safaa Mohamed Hassan Sayed
  • Eng. Mohamed M. Ahmed
  • Miss. Marwa M. El Nahass.Eng. Mohamed R. Metwally.



Division : Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs