Assessment and Mapping of Desertification Sensitivity in Egypt, Using Remote Sensing and GIS modeling

December 31, 2002

Project Description: Desertification is one of the main problems that threaten many of the arid and semi-arid areas, including Egypt. It is generally induced either by human activities or natural processes, however in many areas it is driven by the interaction of both. The North coastal zone of Egypt represents an adapted productive area sustaining life. It includes the coastal area stretching east ward from North-Western coast to North coastal area of Sinai. It represents a promising region that is characterized by its rain-fed and irrigated agricultural and grazing potentiality. The fragility of coastal region is caused by the existence sand dune and Aeolian deposits encroachment and salinization risk around the sabkha and depression areas. Water logging and sea water intrusion are also serious problems along the cost. Although some descriptive studies have been conducted, the spatial characteristics such as spatial distributions, spatial extents, spatial patterns, and spatial relationships of various desertification elements have not been coined.


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Division : Environmental Studies and Land use
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad