Geo-Information for Sustainable Management of Land and Water

December 31, 2002

Project Description: LandWaterMED is a thematic network involving experts from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries (SEMC) to exchange information and expertise in geo-information systems for water and land management. The general objectives include examination of the needs of the participating SEMCs for monitoring land and water resources, the institutions and methods currently involved in such activities, and the potential role of remote sensing as one of the tools for reaching a sustainable environment. Involving 17 partners from Mediterranean countries (among them 4 from the EU) this network has successfully organized a scientific community through direct and remote discussions. Scientist in the network have been involved in sharing experience to work on developing a better and more concerted use of Geomatics to contribute to improve the management of land and water in the region.


Funding Agencies

  • European Union

Partner Agencies

  • NARSS-Egypt
  • IRD, Palestine
  • ARI, Turkey
  • STRC, Jordan
  • RJGC, Lebanon
  • NCSR, Tunisia
  • CNT, Morocco
  • UCA, Israel Tel Aviv Univ.


Division : Environmental Studies and Land use
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Abd-Alla Gad Abd-Alla Gad