Technology management & integrated modeling in Natural resources: A university-enterprise win-win partnership (TEMPUS)

December 31, 2002

This project is funded under the EC TEMUPS scheme. It supports staff in Egyptian universities through an international joint Master’s program. It provides opportunities for candidates with degrees in a range of scientific and engineering disciplines to enhance their knowledge of the water environment and land resources, through a program with theoretical, practical and computational (informatics) components. The introduction of new Joint post-graduate MSc Program in “Technology Management and integrated Modeling in natural resources” in line with international Standards complies with the priorities and objectives of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

The major challenge of putting the new course into operation is to develop interuniversity and interdepartmental cooperation. The MSc program addresses key Qualifications (soft skills) such as teamwork, complex thinking, and foreign language skills and up-to-date information technology.

Consortium members






Businesses / industrial partners (Egypt)





The Role of NARSS




The specific role of NARSS in this project is:

  1. Share in preparing the teaching materials
  2. Improvement skills of in-service engineers and scientists' staff
  3. Developing a concept for university-enterprise partnership
  4. Providing the technical and practical experience to the consortium
  5. Providing access to Remote Sensing resources at NARSS.
  6. Enhancement the IT infrastructure to carry out the modeling tutorials
  7. Training of Trainers TOT (training of Egyptian Professors)
  8. Preparing a team for supporting and managing; and e-learning techniques (training Egyptian assistants)
  9. Pilot Implementation
Division : Engineering Applications and Water Resources
Prof       : Prof.El-Sayed Abbas Zaghloul