Hydro-environmental Assessment and Control on Areas Affected by Nile Delta Hydrodynamic System

December 31, 2002

The northern Nile Delta is considered to be especially at risk from the effects of any sea level rise resulting from global warming. The low-lying lands of the Nile Delta are severely vulnerable to the effects of any sea level rise resulting from global warming. Geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing data for different dates indicates the capability of these techniques to map the water and land resources vulnerable areas and quantitatively assess vulnerable sectors in each area. Multidate ETM images classification techniques of 1984 to 2000 revealed a specific change in Water\land units. These changes reflected the drastic effect of global climate change and sea level rise in the last few decades. The seawater intrusion will affect the groundwater salinization, groundwater levels and soil salinity, where the groundwater salinity ranges from less than 1,000 ppm to more than 10,000 ppm. Fresh water is found in the central and southern Nile Delta. The salinity increases in northward direction (excess of 10,000 ppm), which is attributed to the subsurface intrusion of seawater, where the interface is found near the surface at Kafr El-Sheikh Town and is located at approximately 300 m below the surface near Tanta Town. The groundwater and land resources deterioration trends reflected at the northern part of the River Nile Delta was investigated using Kriging statistical spatial modeling algorithm using geographic information system (GIS), where a geographically corrected satellite ETM landsat image were selected as a base map. Mapping total dissolved solids (TDS) during investigated years from 1974 to 2000 was logically presented. This subtle change reveals the water balance equation and the expected stability of the hydrologic system within the forthcoming few decades.

NARSS Project Members

  • Badr M. Mabrouk
  • Dr. Ashraf Khaled Helmi
  • Dr.Mosafa M. Kotb
  • Ass.Res.Hazem M. Habib

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  • NARSS-Egypt


Division : Engineering Applications and Water Resources
Prof       : Prof.Dr.Hossam Hamdy Elewa Omar