Using Satellite Data in the Assessment of Water Quality Parameters in Some Areas along the Red Sea Coast, Egypt.

December 31, 2002

Remote sensing is a suitable and valuable technique for large-scale monitoring of coastal water quality. It provides synoptic views of the spatial distribution of the biological, chemical, and physical variables of both the water and, if visible, the bottom surface. Increasing interest and research in remote sensing of water quality of coastal waters have been developed recently. Research in the remote sensing of coastal waters has evolved as a synergistic admixture of theoretical and applied modeling, sensor development, and calibration/validation based on aquatic optics. Obviously, a water system with a variety of optically active substances that display temporal and spatial variations is more complex and requires more sophisticated models for remotely sensing the water constituents than mid-ocean waters containing only one component.
In this regard, some coastal waters in Egypt are subject to considerable ecological pressure as a result of domestic and industrial polluting sources. Comprehensive, reliable and up to date information are a prerequisite for successful coastal water management. Therefore, Satellite and ground based monitoring of water quality conditions and adjacent uses are important parameters to be monitored in coordination. The potential application of the remote sensing techniques appeared in the last decades, as an attractive complement to in situ, airborne or model data for the efficient monitoring of large areas. As a matter of fact satellites can provide a two-dimensional synoptic view in a time series over long periods ranging from days to years. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to use the modern applications of remote sensing observations on calculation and retrieval of geophysical water quality parameters based on modeling electromagnetic wave interaction/propagation with matter.

NARSS Project Members

  • Ayman Nasr Hamed Nasr
  • Mahmoud H. Ahmed
  • Ashraf Khaled Helmy
  • Eng. Mohamed R. Metwally
  • Eng. Mohamed M. Ahmed
  • Miss. Eman M. Hassan.

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Partner Agencies

  • NARSS-Egypt



Division : Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs