Integration of Satellite Land Surface Assessment with Socio-Economic Parameters for Global Desertification Monitoring in the Arid Mediterranean

December 31, 2002

AVICENNE is a research program on desertification monitoring, associating scientists from Egypt, Tunisia and IRD of France. The actual main objectives of this project are to:

  • Contribute in the development of a global understanding of desertification phenomena as a basis for strategies to combat it.
  • Design an approach integrating the biophysical ground observation with remote sensing to detect changes occurring at the land surface.
  • Link socio-economic information with remotely sensed land surface changes using a GIS, towards the definition of global desertification indicators.

Funding Agencies

  • European Union

Partner Agencies

  • CNT
  • Tunisia
  • NARSS-Egypt
  • ORSIOM, France


Division : Environmental Studies and Land use