January 01, 2020

This project aimed to evaluate the geological and hydrogeological conditions in Al - Ayat area, Giza. Firstly, the local geological study was carried out regarding to previous geological studies and our field studies. It was noticed that the area is covered by Oligocene sand and gravel. The Eocene rocks occupied the high lands in the form of limestone. Regarding to such study and observations,, the geophysical investigations were carried out in   the second stage. Geoelctrical measurements in the form of DSC resistivity sounding was acquired, processed and interpreted.  Regarding to our geological and geophysical investigations, it was observed that the groundwater can be exploited from Oligocene sand and gravel at 80 m average depth. The aquifer thickness is about 60 m. Moreover, the resistivity values of the aquifer indicate the groundwater is brackish to saline with increasing depth.

Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Dr. Mohammed El Bastawesy