July 01, 2018

It is scientifically proven that the cumulative effect of human development in coastal areas sets the environment Coastal areas under constant pressure. These pressures become more severe if they coincide with global problems such as changes Climatic and sea-level rise. This is in addition to the pressures represented by conflicting benefits Resulted from the growing demand for coastal areas and their resources.

The use of modern and sophisticated techniques helps in determining the desired goals in the absence of databases detailed information from previous studies and maps. Thus the remote sensing technology is integrated with other terrestrial data is an authentic source and a recent reference to all data that cannot be obtained with high accuracy from other sources or maps. In this study will submit to the commission Subsidiary of the Peace and Occupational Health of the companies of the petroleum region in Alexandria detailed data and information on the potential sources of the pollution area of the navigational link of West Nubaria West and the companies of the region In the context of determining the potential, natural hazards and humanitarian activities in the region. Will be determined Leakage bands based on spatial analysis of the area and detailed geophysical survey and its outputs Geological, geomorphological, structural and hydrological. By identifying these outputs, assistance can be provided To take the appropriate decision to stop the waste and diversion of petroleum products in the region in addition to trying to maximize Economic return.

This study aims to determining areas of material saturation and potential sources of pollution area in the navigational link of West Nubaria West and the companies of the region Based on geological, hydrological and geophysical analysis Processing and analysis of space visualization for the study area.

Division : Geological applications and Mineral Resources
Prof       : Dr. Sameh Bakr EL Sayed EL Kafrawy