The project aims at integration of both TDI photosensor, TMA optical design with ultrahigh scale processing logic (FPGA) to produce space qualified miniaturized camera system achieving high resolution with low weight and less dimensions. Based on outcomes from previous STDF granted project “Space qualified camera computer,(2013-2015)” the photosensor is integrated on board the device, allowing more integrity ,less dominions , low weight and more compactness in the system. The optical system is designed and Manufacturing of optical system is carried out in Egypt. The product is one channel space qualified satellite panchromatic camera system based on state of the art technology in optics, electronics, and image processing techniques; a spin-off of this activity is design documentations, sources codes of embedded algorithms, check and test equipment and hardware circuit diagrams.

January 01, 2020


  1. To produce a first Egyptian space qualified panchromatic camera system,
  2. To develop software and Check and test equipment of satellite camera system,
  3. To document the process of the whole project cycle,
  4. To sustain upgrading infrastructure for space qualified products.


Space qualified camera system for Egyptian satellites

Division : Space Sciences and Strategic Studies
Prof       : Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed