Prof.Dr.Sayed M. Arafat

Summary :

Emeritus Professor of Soils and RS applications in Vegetation Cover Studies

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+202- 26225800

Jan. 2014 -

Emeritus Professor of Soils and RS applications in Vegetation Cover Studies

Aug.2008Jan 2014

Head of Agricultural applications, Soils and Marine Division,

NARSS, Cairo, Egypt

Nov.2005 -

Acting Member of NARSS Board Directors

Dec.2005- 2010

Acting in Charge of Secretary General of NARSS, Cairo, Egypt

Sep. 2001- 2008

Head of Scientific Training and Continuous Studies Division,

NARSS, Cairo, Egypt

June 2000 - 2001

Professor of Soils, Soils and Water Use Dept., National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

1995 - 2000

Associated professor, Soils and Water Use Department, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

1990 - 1995

Research Scientist, Soils and Water Use Department, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


Research Area :

Remote Sensing applications in agriculture such as yield prediction modeling, crop monitoring, crop survey, spatial analysis. The main interests are in vegetation characteristics, hyperspectral remote sensing, and spatial statistics.

Education :

1976         B.Sc.   Agriculture Faculty, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

1983         M.Sc.  in, Agriculture Faculty, Ain Shams University

1989         Ph.D.  in Soil Sciences, Leningrad Agric. Ins. USSR.

Professional Experience :

  • Vice President of African Association of Remote Sensing and Environment (for North Africa –2006-2010 & 2010-2014).
  •  Member of the NARSS Board Directors (2005- 2014).
  • Executive Editor of the Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (2001-2009).
  • Member of High leading National Committee of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (2010- 2012).
  • Secretary General of 6th International Conference on Earth Observation & Geoformation Sciences in Support of Africa’s   Development, 30 October – 2 November, 2006 Cairo, Egypt.
  • Post-Doctoral Senior Scientist, University of Texas at Dallas, USA, February-August 2005.
  • Secretary General of 3rd International Symposium on Sustainable Agro-Environmental Systems: New Technologies and Applications, 26-29 October 2002, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Regular reviewer of manuscripts submitted to several scientific journals including (Remote Sensing of the Environment, International Journal of Remote Sensing, among other journals).
  • Member of  the Editorial Advisory Board of Lagos Journal of Geo-Information Sciences (LJGIS).
  • External examiner of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.
  • Organizer of several workshops, coordinator and session chair in several conferences and symposia.

Publications :

Author and co-author of 63 peer-reviewed papers on soils and remote sensing applications in agriculture. 

Author and co-author of several papers in conference proceedings


1-Awad, F., S. Fuda and S.M. Araft (1984). Availability of iron and manganese in some Egyptian soils. Agrokemia Estalajtan .33 (3-4): 443-458.

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