Dr. Bassam Abdellatif

Summary :

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+20 1008 223 225

Research Area :

Preprocessing and processing of satellite images for extracting valuable information, Machine learning and deep learning. Use of remote sensing data to enhance water resources management. Analysis of water consumption and storage patterns. Enhancement of crop types classification in Egypt.

Education :

 2008, Ph.D. Signal and Telecommunications:
  •  In research project: Change monitoring for soil occupation of anthropogenic and climatic origin by means of remote sensing tools: application to Brittany, University of Rennes 2, France.
 2004, M.Sc. Signal – Telecommunications – Image – Radar (Image Option), Telecom-Bretagne, Brest, France
 1997, B. Sc. Of Engineering (computer architecture and Control)

Professional Experience :

  • Remote sensing image processing
 Radiometric calibration and correction,
 Geometric correction and image to image referencing,
 Classification and segmentation optimization: object-based, pixel based and sub-pixel classification,
 Hyperspectral image processing: extracting of relevant signatures, unmixing algorithms, object identification.
 Image enhancement and reconstruction: reconstruction of cloud contaminated images.
 Model building and enhancement.
 Systems and platforms installation and operation: NASA-LIS for earth surface parameters, ETWatch for evapotranspiration calculation, GRACE Ground water monitoring.
  • Geographic Information System; ArcGIS, operation and administration

 Lidar Image processing
 Cloud preprocessing and filtration
 Cloud registration
 Cloud to cloud change monitoring
 Volume and area estimation


Publications :

 Book Chapters:
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 Papers in International journals:
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 Papers in international conference:
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