Prof.El-Sayed Abbas Zaghloul

Summary :

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Education :

Ph.D.  Geology (Stratigraphy) Cairo University.             1983

M.Sc.  Geology (Stratigraphy) Al-Azhar University.       1976

B.Sc.  Geology-Biology Assuit University.                       1968 

Professional Experience :

1996- Present   Prof. National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS).

- Head of Engineering Applications and water Division From 1996 to  2007

- Acting a General Secretary of NARSS (from 2000 -  2001).

-1993 – 1996  Deputy Director. Research Institute for Water Resources (RIWR).  Assoc . Prof. National Water Researches Center.  

-1992- 1993    Suez Canal University. Environmental Research Center.

-1987 – 1991  Senior Researcher. Research Institute for Water Resources - National Water Researches Center.

-1980 – 1986  Senior Geologist. TOTAL Petroleum Exploration Company Egypt.

-1979 – 1980  Senior Field Geologist. Geological Survey of Iraq.

-1969 – 1979  Field Geologist. Geological Survey of Egypt.

Publications :

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