3rd Egyptian – Japanese Joint Symposium Remote Sensing Applications in Arch


The main objective of the symposium was to bring together experts working on cultural heritage conservation to be together with the main space experts of the country. This interesting combination of experts was to attend initially a two-day symposium on the field of application of Remote Sensing on Archaeology.
         Heritage experts are not the ones that will drive products from satellite images and associated space technologies. Therefore heritage experts are not supposed to become space experts. However, heritage experts should have some knowledge about the potentiality that space technologies can offer a support tool for heritage conservation.
          On the other hand, NARSS that have the necessary space knowledge that can assist the heritage experts in driving, from the satellite images the necessary supports, however, the space experts are not aware about the needs of the heritage experts.
    The purpose of this symposium is to bring together both experts so that both can become familiar with the various applications that space technologies offer for heritage exploration conservation and management.


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