Engineering Applications and Water Resources


The Division of Engineering and Water Applications includes three departments:


Water Resources :

  • Surface water for resources; assessment the potentiality and hazards of flood water harvesting, calculating the expected quantities of these floods, mitigations.
  • Identifying groundwater reservoirs, hydrological and hydrogeological mapping and the potentiality of groundwater resources.
  • Conducting studies on the effects of climate change on different water resources.
  • Conduct studies to assess ground and surface water pollution and identifying sources of contaminants and remediation.
  • Establishing digital databases and information systems with GIS for surface and water resources.
  • Create master plans for development in order to strengthen the state's strategic and national plans.


Engineering Applications:

  • Geotechnical and environmental studies and study geo-engineering risks and their impact on the movement of urbanization.
  • Irrigation and hydraulics works and identify the most suitable sites for the canal and drains
  • Assessment and management of road networks to determine land and water use on both sides of road networks.
  • Identify areas of periodic maintenance and their relationship to geological and geomorphological phenomena.
  • Evaluation of alternatives to the supply networks of drinking water.
  • Evaluation of alternatives to the supply networks of drinking water.


Population, Geographical and Archeology :

  • Re-planning slums.
  • Selection of new urban areas.
  • Identification of archaeological sites.
  • Protect archaeological areas from the encroachment of sand dunes and the rise of groundwater and urbanization randomness.

Department Head

Dr.Abdel Aziz Fathi Abdel Aziz Elfadaly