Engineering Applications and Water Resources

The division aims to establish an effective use of remote sensing and other related techniques in water resources and engineering applications through three departments; water resources, engineering applications and geographical and archaeological studies. The activities of the water resources department are studying surface water, hydro- geological investigations, assessment of water resources impact on environment, determination of water pollution sources, preparation of hydro -geological and water management studies, water resources feasibility studies about suitable locations for proposed developmental areas. The activities of the engineering applications department include irrigation and hydraulics works, geotechnical studies, highway networks, traffic evaluation and management, drinking water supply and sewage networks, environmental engineering, and constructional management. The activities of the geographical and archaeological studies department are planning of spontaneous districts, selection of new urban areas, archaeological survey and exploration, protection of archaeological regions from sand dunes encroachment and water logging

        Division Head

Prof.Dr.Hossam Hamdy Elewa Omar
Engineering Applications and Water Division Head