Agriculture Applications, Soils, and Marine

Agriculture Applications, Soils, and Marine Labs

Exceclusive Economic Zone Unit

The department contains Exceclusive Economic Zone Unit (EEZ) and ICAMS Lab. According to the law of the sea, national and international obligations, NARSS has established since 1997 an information unit to collect the available data about the marine resources along the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone. The unite objectives are:

  • Cooperate with national as well as international institutions for building a national database about living as well as nonliving resources in the Egyptian EZZ.
  • Determine the boundaries of EEZ in the Mediterranean and Red seas.
  • Exchange knowledge and experience between academic, governmental and private sectors.
  • Suggesting points for research projects to be sponsored by national and international donors.
  • Applying space technologies and GIS to assess and monitor marine resources.
  • Monitoring marine pollution using satellite data.
  • Organizing workshops, symposia and conferences at national, regional and international levels.
  • Providing technical support to decision makers and planners. Strengthen the public awareness about EEZ.

Lab Equipments

The Marine and coastal sciences Department has about 8 staff members, specialists and technicians. Among the major facilities and equipment's available now in the department are:

  • Field Equipments (Probe for WQ parameters, Depth Meter, GPS, water loggers, digital camera, etc)
  • Integrated Coastal Management laboratory (ICAM) for using remotely sensed data and GIS applications. ICAM laboratory contains a computer network and workstation.


        Division Head

Prof.Dr.Mahmoud Hussin Ahmed