Space Sciences and Strategic Studies

Egypt Space Program


  • Egypt to join the Space age through gradual manufacturing of small research and remote sensing satellites, acquiring technological knowledge and capabilities, and building required infrastructure to achieve self-capability for Egypt to design & manufactures its own small satellites.
  • Utilizing the space technologies & application to develop the scientific research and technologies development in Egypt and to serve the national developments plans.
  • Establishing a scientific and research base for advanced industries in Egypt.


  • Enabling Egypt to join the Space Technology Age through designing and manufacturing small satellites.
  • Transfer of advanced space technologies in communication, computers, programs, optics, sensors, new materials, command and control and energy to the Egyptian Scientific community.
  • Utilizing of space technologies & applications in development plans.
  • Acquiring national capabilities in Space Technology disciplines.
  • Establishment of scientific & industrial base in advanced technology fields.
  • Building human resource capabilities for space sciences fields.
  • Coordinating and enhancing the cooperation between the research & industrial centers and space program through a national project.

EgyptSat_1 Satellite

  • EgyptSat_1 Satellite is the first Egyptian experimental satellite for remote sensing.
  • The satellite has an image resolution of 8 meters, which is satisfactory for many important civilian applications. The satellite can capture a vertical image for any location in Egypt once over 75 days. It also can be titled to capture images for location at both sides of satellite path, capture 3-D images, or re-capture images for location within periods less than 16 days.
  • The space payload for the satellite includes a 4 spectrum optical camera for various applications, an infrared camera and communication device for store and forward transmissions.