Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs

Software development Lab.:

  1. Developing and improving the necessary software to process satellite imagery and geographic information data of various kinds that directly serve the different applications in NARSS and the country.
  2. Developing Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications that can facilitate NARSS departments and Divisions.
  3. Providing technical support for the developed software users in addition to maintaining the developed software sustainability and confidentiality.
  4. Providing technical consultations and exchange of scientific and practical experiences inside and outside NARSS in software development.
  5. Other devices (equipment):
  1. ASD TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier:

It is a full-range VIS-NIR-SWIR spectrometer measuring the visible, near-infrared and short-wave infrared regions (350-2500 nm) that produces immediate on-instrument results using a non-destructive contact measurement. The instrument includes internal references to allow for easy operation and data management and also features proprietary, state-of-the-art mineral identification software for fast data capture in the field, and easy data management back in the lab or core shack.


  1. Electromagnetic Receiver T- VLF System:

It provides thermal images with high sensitivity, 40mK. It is used as in-situ measurement for many applications: food production, energy consumption, water resources management, and thermal images calibration.


        Division Head

Prof.Dr.Ayman Nasr Hamed Nasr
Research Professor, at Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs Division(NARSS)