Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs

The division is concerned with data reception and archiving, digital image processing of satellite data and all other receiving station affairs for servicing different remote sensing applications and its R&D.
Managing the internal and external researches and projects, supervising data transfer between NARSS different divisions and providing technical assistance for multidisciplinary studies.
Conducting training courses on fundamental concepts of remote sensing, digital image processing and GIS and related technologies.
Receiving and processing satellite data (SPOT4) for final production and providing customers with raw, processed and value added data. Strengthening cooperation with national and international agencies to exchange experiences and to develop national capacity.

Division Activities

- Reception, monitoring and analysis of different satellite digital data.

- Reception and dissemination of SPOT4 and AVHRR data.

- Diversify digital image processing for high quality output in different fields of remote sensing applications and building databases.

- Production of photomaps, mosaics and atlases in different scales.

- Internal and external technical and expert assistance and consultancy in image processing and GIS projects.

- Providing training courses on the division related issues.

- Conducting researches and propjets for developing programs, techniques of digital image processing & GIS. Also for division related national planes of Egypt.

        Division Head

Prof.Dr.Ayman Nasr Hamed
Head of Data Reception, Analysis and Receiving Station Affairs