Environmental Studies and Land use


  1. Environmental Studies
  • Air quality, pollution and dust storms,
  • Water quality and pollution,
  • Coastal and marine environment,
  • Natural hazards (flash floods, land subsidence, Tsunami, Sand dune movements), and
  • Vector borne disease.


  1. Land use planning
  • Monitor the land use and land cover changes,
  • Studies on soil suitability for crops,
  • Analysis of the land capability,
  • Studies on agricultural sustainable development,
  • Monitoring of land degradation and desertification, and
  • Studies on sand dune movements.


  1. Urban planning
  • Studies of development indicators and environmental sensitivity of cities and sustainable indicators,
  • Design of roads, pathways and networks with least environmental cost,
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative models for site selection of renewable energy (Solar and wind),
  • Studies for decision support systems for urban development, and
  • Studies of dynamic changes of urban settlements.