Environmental Studies and Land use

Division of Environmental Studies and Land Use Planning


The division of environmental studies and land use planning to be an essential and effective research and development cornerstone that support the society and effectively contribute to the environmental challenges on national, regional and global levels.


The division of environmental studies capable to empower the research and development to generate value-added services and products that reserve our environment and sustainably develop the socio-economic agenda with conservation of the future generation rights in these resources. The division is also providing consultancy to the society in environmental related issues.


  • Support research, development and scientific projects related to the applications of earth observation in environmental related issues,
  • Provide environmental consultancy to the community and contribute to the development of the national capacity in earth observation and environmental related issues, and Organize, participate and contribute to national, regional and international scientific conferences, technical workshops and seminars as well as actively contribute to the national and international working groups that develop environmental strategies and policies.

        Division Head

Prof. Dr. Islam Abou El-Magd
NARSS Chairman