Executive Board

NARSS as a scientific organization belongs to the Ministry of Scientific Research, is headed by an authorized board that is eligible to run and control the performing activities and to suggest the required guidelines, the principles, and the policies for NARSS to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision.

According to the presidential decree No 261 in 1992, NARSS board is the authorised entity that is eligible to run and control all activities and suggests the guiding principles and policies that are needed to fulfil NARSS mission.

NARSS Board:

  • NARSS Chairman is the chief of board.
  • The most senior three division heads.
  • seven experts in NARSS related fields



Prof. Dr.Mahmoud Hussien
Agriculture Applications ,Soils,and Marine Division Head
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Prof.Dr.Hossam Hamdy Elewa Omar

Engineering Applications and Water Division Head


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Prof.Dr.Mamdouh Abdeen

Geological Applications and Mineral Resources Division Head


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Prof.Dr. Hala Effat

Environmental Studies and Land Use Division Head


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Prof.Dr.Ahmed Aboul Saoud

Head of Environmental Affairs Agency 

Prof.Dr.Asem Abdelhamid El gazaar

Head of the Urban Planning Authority

 Pilot.Mahmoud Taha El Zanaty

Head of the Civil Aviation Authority

Prof.Dr.Abdel Monem El Bana

President of the Agricultural Research Center 

Prof.Dr.Omar Teeima

Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Mineral Resources

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Abd El-Moteleb

Chairman of the National Center for Water Research

Eng. Mohamed Mohsen Salah

Chairman of the Arab Contractors